Classes of Membership

1. There shall be four classes of Membership of the Association being: Existing Life Membership; Full Membership; Associate Membership and Honorary Membership. There shall be no new Life Membership of the Association.

Full Membership

2. Former or serving members, as appropriate, of the following services shall be eligible:

(a) The Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps (Regular).
(b) The Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps (Reserve).
(c) The Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service.
(d) The Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service (Reserve).
(e) The Territorial Army Nursing Service.
(f) Voluntary Aid Detachment who have served as trained nurses or Nursing Orderlies.
(g) Women’s Royal Army Corps (including ATS) personnel who have served as Nursing Orderlies.
(h) Members of any organisations (referred to in sub paras (a) to (g) which may have been replaced by a newer organisation.

Associate Membership

3. Certain nurses associated with QAIMNS or QARANC in other ways than by embodied service with them may be considered for Associate membership under conditions to be decided by the Board of Trustees.

Honorary Membership

4. The Board of Trustees may invite persons not eligible for Full or Associate membership to become Honorary members in acknowledgement of some special interest displayed in the organisation. Honorary membership does not carry eligibility for benefits nor voting powers.

Revocation of Membership

5. The Board of Trustees may, at any time and for any reason, if they consider it necessary in the interests of the Association, reject application for membership or renewal of membership or revoke a person’s current membership of the Association. Any member of the Association who is in arrears with their annual subscription will have their name removed from the membership list and will only be re-admitted to membership upon payment by them of a current subscription. Life members who cannot be traced and of whom there has been no trace for at least three years will then have their names removed from the membership list.


6. Full and Associate members of the Association shall pay an annual subscription. Serving personnel shall contribute through the Days Pay Giving Scheme. Retired members shall pay an annual subscription as agreed annually by the Board of Trustees.


7. Members of the Association are entitled to the following: to attend the Association Reunion; to wear the Association brooch, scarf, tie etc. and to receive a copy of each edition of the QARANC Gazette but in the case of Existing Life Members they are required to pay for each edition thereof.

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