Central Funding

1. Grants may be made to branches from Association Headquarters on formation of a new branch.

2. Following the submission of audited Branch accounts (in accordance with the Association Constitution) applications for grants required to further the Associations Objects may be made to the Board of Trustees.

Administration of funds

3. Branch funds are administered by the Branch Committee for the furtherance of the objects of the Association. They may not be used for the benefit of non-members.

4. In the event of a Branch closing down, the balance of the funds, after liabilities have been met, will be forwarded to Headquarters, with a copy of the final audited accounts duly certified.

5. The Branch Committee is responsible for ensuring that all monies expended on Benevolence by the Branch, whether from Headquarters or raised by Branch efforts, will be recorded at headquarters. This is in order to provide a complete record of Association benevolence activities.

6. The Branch Committee should grant travelling expenses to honorary officials in connection with their duties. The rate should be in keeping with that decided by the Board of Trustees in their Financial Policies.

7. A statement of the inspected Branch Funds, showing all monies received and paid out during the year ending 30 June should be submitted and should be accompanied by the Annual Branch Report. A template for both reports is in the Forms section of the Handbook.

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