Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson

1. The Chairperson is elected by the branch members. In the absence of the Chairperson, the deputy assumes this responsibility working to the same Terms of Reference. They are responsible for the smooth running of the branch and to be a source of information and support to all committee and branch members in order to uphold the aims of the Association. They are also responsible for ensuring that the branch has a welcoming and encouraging attitude in the recruitment of new members.

Branch and Committee meetings

2. The Chairperson or their deputy should attend all meetings and act as chair at these events. It is their responsibility to ensure that meetings are conducted fairly in an open forum and that decisions arrived at by the majority are carried out. At any meeting the Chairperson should ensure that discussion remains focused and a true record of proceedings is kept by the Secretary.

3. They should ensure that a General Meeting for all branch members is arranged annually and that sufficient notification is given to enable members to attend. In addition, during any 12 month period ensure that at least 2 committee meetings are held in order to ensure that all events and projects are organised, progress and information promulgated.

4. Prior to all meetings the Chairperson should work with the Secretary in order to draw up an agenda and ensure there is opportunity for points raised by members to be included.

5. The Chairperson must ensure that any notification of Association or former QARANC personnel who are in need of help or are sick is acted upon and, if appropriate, visited by a branch member with RHQ being kept informed of any outcome.

6. The Chairperson may claim out of pocket expenses on the production of receipts to the Treasurer.

7. It may be appropriate for the branch to make small hardship grants to branch members. Any such grant should not exceed £50 and should be discussed and agreed by a quorum of the branch committee. Whilst privacy for the individual is paramount the Chairperson must ensure that an accurate record of proceedings is kept.

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