1.1 The Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps Association Benevolence and Grants Sub-Committee is accountable to the Association Board of Trustees for the regularity and propriety of any benevolence or grant decisions it may make.


1.2 The Benevolence and Finance Sub–Committee will be managed by the General Secretary who will have no voting rights. The sub-committee will comprise of four members:

(a) Chairman: to be the President/Vice President or Chairman of the Association

(b) Any three Association Trustees

1.3 The Association Treasurer may be invited to attend meetings with no voting rights.

1.4 Each member of the sub-committee will have one vote with the exception of the Treasurer.

1.5 Should full agreement (ie 4 votes) not be reached the issue will be referred to the Association Board of Trustees for consideration through the General Secretary.


1.6 The purpose of the Sub-Committee is:

(a) To consider and, where appropriate, approve applications for benevolence and grants within any delegated powers of financial authority that may from time-to-time be determined.

(b) To ensure that all such benevolence and grants meet the charitable objects of the Association.

(c) To recommend and review budget provision for benevolence and grants.


1.7 The Sub-Committee will meet monthly but more frequently if there is a need to deal with any business expeditiously.Any decision may be taken either:

(a) At a meeting of the sub-committee; or if deemed urgent:

(b) By resolution in writing or electronic form agreed by all of the sub-committee
members which may comprise either a single document or several documents containing the text of the resolution in like form to each of the sub-committee members.


1.8 All decisions taken at meetings or by resolution must be recorded and a copy of all records should be reported to the Association Board of Trustees to be noted in the minutes of their meetings. A summary of decisions is to be collated monthly.

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