1.1 The purpose of the Governance Committee is to ensure that the Board of Trustees fulfils its legal, regulatory, ethical and functional responsibilities in a transparent manner complying with 2011 Charity Act, Charity Commission guidelines and the Governing Document.


1.2 The Governance Committee will ensure that the Board of Trustees is able to govern the organisation in accordance with its statutory obligations through effective policy monitoring, business audit and quality assurance processes in conjunction with fit for purpose trustee training and development programmes.

1.3 The Governance Committee will ensure that all decisions taken at both board and branch level comply with the objects of the Governing Document.

1.4 The Governance Committee are responsible for the review all policies prior to presentation to the Board of Trustees for their formal ratification. Those exempt from Board ratification are listed below.


1.5 The Governance Committee will comprise of 4 members and will be Chaired by the Chairman. Two members must be Trustees and others may be co-opted for specialist skills or knowledge as required. A quorum will comprise of 3 members.


1.6 The Governance Committee will seek formal ratification from the President and Vice President on policies that define the following:

(a) The roles and responsibilities of the Trustees

(b) Conflict of interest and loyalty procedures

(c) Procedures for the nomination, election and retention of Trustees

1.7 Policies regarding these issues will require agreement from three of the four listed Trustees to assure ratification.

1.8 The Governance Committee will ensure that:

(a) The Board does not fall below the number of Trustees required by the Governing Document.

(b) Trustees appointed to the board understand agree with the mission of the Association and the Code of Conduct for Trustees

(c) Trustees appointed to the Board understand and agree to the time and participation requirements of the Board


1.9 Minutes will be recorded at each meeting held by the Sub-Committee. These will be confirmed by the Chairman and all attendees within 4 weeks of the meeting. Minutes will be promulgated to all Sub-Committee members and presented at the next Board of Trustees Meeting.The Chairman will report quarterly to the Board of Trustees. The Chairman will report to the President annually prior to the Association AGM. The Annual report must include an update on Policies and Procedures.


1.10 Meetings will be held as required.

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