1.1 The Media and Communications Sub Committee was established by the Board of Trustees of Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing (QARANC) Association in 2013 to provide a focus for all issues pertaining to media and communications by the Association. Media and communications include social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter and The Gazette.


1.2 The aims of the Sub Committee are to:

(a) support and promote the objects of the Association in respect of; fostering mutual friendship between past and present members of the Corps, fostering esprit de corps and in providing benevolence.

(b) exploit the use of all appropriate means of media and communications inclusive of links to other organisations which will help raise awareness of the Association and its activities and encourage membership and involvement.

(c) provide support to Branches regarding media and Gazette submissions.

(d) exchange ideas, strengthen bonds and share examples of good practice.

Sub Committee Membership

1.3 The Sub Committee is formed of three members of the Board of Trustees, the Gazette Editor and the Manager. Of the 3 trustee members, one is to be selected as Chairperson of the Sub-committee and one as Secretary.

1.4 Other members of the Board of Trustees and external individuals may be co- opted to provide additional technical support or specialist skills when required.

1.5 The General Secretary of the Board of Trustees will be called upon to assist with facilitation of meetings and the provision of contact details when requested.


1.6 The Sub Committee is accountable to the President through the Board of Trustees and will provide updates to the Board of Trustees Meetings and President.


1.7 The Sub Committee will review the relevance and value of its work by obtaining feedback from; Chief Nursing Officer (Army) Conference, liaison with junior members of the Corps and from the Branch Chairs and Secretaries meetings.


1.8 The Sub Committee will meet four times a year prior to the Board of Trustees meetings. Interim meetings will be held when required.

1.9 Key outputs with target dates will be set and agreed at meetings. Where a member has difficulty completing a task within the timeline they should inform the Chairman of the Sub Committee at the earliest opportunity.

1.10 Non-members may be invited to the meetings to provide technical or specialist input as required.

1.11 A record of decisions will be circulated by the Chairman of the Sub Committee.

Sharing of Information and Resources

1.12 Sub Committee members will be required to share information and resources through meetings and electronic communication.

1.13 When sharing material, members should make clear if there are any restriction with copyright or circulation of material beyond the Sub Committee.


1.14 Branches will be asked to support the committee by the sharing of information and resources.

1.15 When sharing material, branches should make it clear if there is any restriction with  copyright or circulation of material beyond the committee.

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