1. The events officer is nominated by branch members.


2. The role of the events officer is to act as co-ordinator for all branch events. Where appropriate he/she will following liaison with the rest of the committee investigate suitable venues. Where the venue would necessitate extensive travel, this job can be delegated to another committee or branch member. The events officer will liaise with the secretary to promulgate information and the subsequent keeping of records of all those who are attending any event together with dietary requirements.

3. The events officer will liaise with the treasurer so that all attendance at functions is paid for in advance in order to minimise the use of branch funds for payment of “no show” personnel or guests meals.

4. The events officer may claim back travel expenses from the branch treasurer on production of either travel tickets or proof of motor mileage. The events officer is to take an active part in the branch committee in order to promote the Branch and the Association in its stated aim of friendship.

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