1. A copy of the Constitution of the Association is available to all members. The rules of the Association shall, as far as they are applicable, govern all matters of procedure for the Association Branches and the Headquarters Roll, and both are subject to the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees who shall from time to time make such regulations as may in their opinion be desirable for the conduct of and in the interest of the Association.

Branch Membership

2. Members are grouped in the following subdivisions:

(a) Association Branches which may include serving regular and reserve members and retired regular and reserve members

(b) Headquarters Roll

Association Branches

3. The Constitution of the Association shall so far as it is applicable, governs all matters of procedure of every branch and every Branch Committee shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees who may from time to time, make such regulations as may in their opinion be desirable for the conduct of branches.

4. Branches of the Association may be formed on the authority of the Board of Trustees, and provided that the application for the formation thereof is supported by not less than ten persons who are or have been members of the organisation as described in the Association Membership Policy.

Branch Committees

5. Each branch shall elect a Committee consisting of a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and at least three other members two of whom will be appointed as Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. Branches may also elect an Events Officer and Public Relations Officer if deemed an advantage. Branch Committees shall meet twice a year or as often as the Committee considers desirable in the interest of the Branch.

6. Where the branch is based in a military unit, the Senior Nurse will be the Chairman or Vice-Chairman with a retired member holding the other post. One or more soldiers should be a committee member and retired members should be represented within the committee as well as in a chair post.

7. The Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and other members of the Branch Committee for the ensuing year shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Committee members should serve an initial 3 years with the option to extend annually to complete a total of six years.

8. It shall be the responsibility of the Branch Committee to act in it’s own area on behalf of the Association by carrying out the objects of the Association and maintaining regular liaison with Headquarters, in accordance with the instructions given by the Board of Trustees.

9. The Chairperson or branch committee representative may attend a meeting of the Board of Trustees as an observer without voting rights subject to availability and with no more than two observers at any one meeting.

10. The Chairperson of the Branch Committee will present an annual report to Headquarters together with accounts in accordance with instructions.

11.A General Meeting of the members of the branch shall be held each year when the Annual Report and Accounts for the year shall be laid before the meeting.

12. Any changes to the branch committee should be notified immediately to Headquarters.

13.One third of the Branch Committee shall form a quorum at Committee meetings.

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