1. The Treasurer is elected by the branch members.


2. The Treasurer is responsible for the safekeeping and accurate accounting of branch funds, the maintenance of the Branch bank account, and should maintain accurate records of all ingoing and outgoing transactions.

3. All cheques must be signed by the Treasurer and one other nominated person. In addition the Treasurer may maintain a small petty cash account for ease of paying very small bills and topping up the petty cash account held by the secretary. This petty cash account should hold no more than £50 at any one time. The signatories of cheques should be allowed to issue cheques for up to £100 without consultation. Amounts greater than this must be agreed by the full committee.

4. The Treasurer is responsible for the recording of all transactions including gifts and donations to the branch together with a record of money raised at fund raising events. All payments from the branch account, including hardship grants must be backed up by appropriate receipts. The Treasurer is allowed to pay out-of-pocket expenses for any duties carried out on behalf of the branch which includes motor mileage, refund of train and bus travel and the purchase of flowers for members who are ill.

5. The Treasurer is responsible for giving an annual report of all monitory transactions at the AGM. In addition the Treasurer is responsible for the submission of an audited annual branch report,as agreed with the chairperson, to RHQ. This report should comprise of a statement of account ie total income and expenditure for the period of reporting together with a statement of initial and final balance for the period. This report together with a short statement of financial activity is submitted to the Secretary RHQ by the date specified. A copy of this report should be sent to the branch secretary for historical records.

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