1. The Gazette is the official publication of the QARANC Association and is published twice a year, in April & October. It is not a Corps publication and although ‘professional’ articles are not usually encouraged, extracts may be considered of interest to the wider association.

2. Submission dates for items for the Gazette will be published in each edition..

Collection and Collation

3. The Gazette Editor ( along with the General Secretary will manage and be responsible for:

(a) the receipt and collation of items submitted for publication.

(b) the order of items within each edition.

4. The General Secretary will manage the submission of items from the RHQ, including:

(a) Obituaries

(b) Donations made to the Association

(c) Results of professional examinations and assessments

(d) Honours, Awards and items from The London Gazette


5. The editor will follow up submissions that do not meet the submission requirements, and ask for them to be resubmitted following the published guidelines. The Editor will ensure each article meets the standard required for publication, editing as necessary. The Editor may seek articles from those known to have undertaken newsworthy activities, from the President of the Association, and the Chair of the Board of Trustees.

6. At the closing date for the submission of articles the Editor and General Secretary will meet and discuss the content of the edition.

7. The proofs from the publisher will be checked, and where necessary amended, and returned to the publisher within an agreed timeline.

8. The time frame for the publisher is six weeks from receipt of the proofs.

9. The photograph for the front cover will be chosen by the Editor and the General Secretary.

Final Proof and Distribution

10. The Editor will inform the General Secretary when the draft has been sent to the publisher.

11. The General Secretary will notify the publisher of the number of copies required and addresses to where they should be sent prior to distribution.

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